Company Name Seattle Consulting Myanmar Co.,Ltd
Established 1 February 2014
Managing Director Mr. Masafumi Kyowa
Director Mr. Kyaw Soe Naing
Capital 100,000 USD
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan (Seattle Consulting, Inc.)
Address BLDG (122/124), 1F/2F, 4th Quarter, Botahtaung Pagoda Road, Botahtaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.


Company Name Seattle Consulting Co., Ltd.
(Seattle Consulting, Inc.)
Established 18 May 2006
Officers configuration Representative Director Masafumi Kyowa
Capital 50 million yen
  • [Tokyo headquarters]
    Tokyo Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, 2-27-25 Tokyo Hulic Minami Aoyama Builiding 9F
  • [Osaka Branch]
    Chuo-ku, Osaka Namba 5-1-60 in the Namba Sukaio 27F WeWork

Company Overview



  • To be a leading Japan IT company in Myanmar.


  • To build strong teams with excellent IT engineers.
  • To provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions.
  • To develop IT products beneficial to our society.
  • To build a solid trust with our customers and partners.


  • We respect diversity and make it our strength.
  • -We create comfortable work environment for every religion and ethnic background.
  • We keep challenging to the latest IT technology.
  • We promise not only low cost but also high-quality products.


Mar 2019 4th anniversary dinner of SCM was held at Chaung Thar Beach.
Aug 2018 Moved to the new office at No. (122/124), 4/Quarter, Botahtaung Township.
Apr 2018 Purchased Sea Dream Company’s shares and cooperated.
Feb 2017 3rd anniversary dinner of SCM was held at Ngwe Saung Beach.
Aug 2016 Moved to the new office at No. (111), 4th Floor, 5/Quarter, Botahtaung Township.
Feb 2016 2nd anniversary dinner of SCM was held.
Sep 2014 Moved to the new office at United Tower, Shwe Bon Thar Road.
Feb 2014 SCM opening ceremony was held at Park Royal Hotel in Yangon. And started operating company business in La Pyae Won Plaza.
Nov 2013 Registered the Company.