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Supported Process--> From the basic design to system test phase widely.
Technology--> Web application development using Java, PHP, and C#.
Quality and Security--> We follows equivalent degree of security operation of 'Privacy Mark' acquired in headquarters in Japan.
Process and Problem Management--> Progress reports, problem management system and meeting minutes are introduced and shared between customers and us.
Issue Management--> Progress reports, issue management, and meeting minutes are reported in detail to customers.


Consulting--> We propose software in accordance with original specification respectively by understanding clients' needs precisely.
Development Method--> We execute the best developing method fitted to each systems, such as Agile, Waterfall Model, etc...
Developing Environment--> We propose the best suited infrastructure construction based on concept of TCO.
Operation and Maintenance--> We propose efficient and effective operation and maintenance.


Android--> There are a lot of demand for migrating existing web services to mobile. We are eager to develop Android Application with utilizing our technologies of socket programming or programming utilizing such as Bluetooth, GPS, Gyro Sensor.
iOS--> Nowadays, iOS is becoming more popular across the world. We also have iPhone Application development team with cutting-edge technologies.
Multi-Platform--> We allow you to use your favorite apps on any platforms with using our resposive design know-how.


Impress people through our technology & spread smile through the world.


Seattle Consulting Myanmar Co., Ltd.

Established: 1st Feb. 2014

Managing Director: Masafumi Kyowa

Director: Kyaw Soe Naing

Capital: 100,000 USD

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
 (Seattle Consulting, Inc.)

Address: 122/124 1F, 4th Quarter, Botahtaung Pagoda Road, Botahtaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar


Feb 2017: Annual Company Trip and Third Year Anniversary Party in Nwesaung

Aug 2016: Moved office to Botahtaung

Feb 2016: Celebrated Company Second Year Anniversary Party

Dec 2015: Annual Company Trip to Nwesaung

Sep 2014: Participated in Japan IT Recruit Fair 2014 in Myanmar

Sep 2014: Moved to new office

Jun 2014: Released our Corporate Web Site

May 2014: Held a booth at SODEC (Software Development Environment Conference) in Japan

May 2014: Created RFID card detecting employee management system

Mar 2014: Acquired business permission

Mar 2014: Started in-company Japanese class

Feb 2014: Held entrance ceremony at Park Royal Hotel



” TeamTech Move the World ”




” Team Seattle ” ~Provide the best services with the best team!~


Our SCM activities are straight forward, simple, & successful.

current activity

Current Activity

We are now Developing many projects from Japan with sophisticated and latest technologies.
We are Hiring new graduates and mid-career professionals.



Jan 2017: Corporate Site (
Dec 2016: Online Booking System
Dec 2016: Online Shopping System
Oct 2016: Corporate Site (
April 2016: Corporate Site (
Jan~Dec 2016: Wordpress Premium Themes Creation(over 200 themes)
Jan~Dec 2015: Wordpress Premium Themes Creation(over 200 themes)
Aug 2014: Thanakha Community Website
Jul 2014: Burmese Learning Android Application
Jun 2014: Corporate Site
May 2014: Employee Management System

future plan

Future Plan

We are thinking of introducing a number of best IT services to the world by our excellent developing team for the sake of enriching people in the world.
Not only offshore development for Japan, but also we are going to actively promote computerization of customers' business process in Myanmar.



We train fresh system engineers with advanced technologies to become effective ones.
Each engineer is allowed to choose their own curriculum for each career path.
We have a program in which new employees can consult with seniors at any time not only about business but private.


We create the best team and IT services.


Title : Junior Web Developer

Expected Number : 5 posts

Contract Type : Full time

Salary(MMK/Month) : 100,000 - 249,999 Ks

Working Hour(Hour/Month) : 176.0h

Working Day : Mon-Fri, 8:00-17:00

Probation Period : 3 months

Others :
・Japanese class will be provided.
・Less overtime.
・Not only Sunday but also Saturday is regular holiday.


Web Application Development

Program Development with PHP or Java

Create Design with CSS and Javascript

Effectively Communicate and Work with Seniros and Colleagues

Team Work Spirit

Overtime (if necessary)


Bachelor degree or Diploma in IT

Age between 20 and 25 years old

Good programming skills in PHP or Java

Wordpress experience will be preferred

Japanese or English skills will be preferred

Good communication and interpersonal skills

Welcome Entry Level Candidates


Please get in touch with us.

Seattle Consulting Myanmar Co., Ltd.

122/124 1F, 4th Quarter,
Botahtaung Pagoda Road, Botahtaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: (+95) 9 971031396, (+95) 9 254231781

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Privacy Policy

Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal
When it is a serious social responsibility, Seattle Consulting, Inc.(referred to as "Seattle"), recognizes that protect the important personal information of customers and the employees in carrying out consulting and system integration services.

We establish this privacy policy as the action standard that all of members of official position should obey and thoroughly observe whether it is properly executed for the sake of dealing with this important personal information appropriately and safely to last in the future.

1. With regard to all personal information we deal with through business and employment, we observe laws, ordinances about personal information protection, guidance that a country establishes and other rules.

2. As the action standard that all of members of official position should observe, we establish, maintain, and operate the Management System for Personal Information Protection appropriately in conformity with Japanese Industrial Standards "the Management System for Personal Information Protection - Requirements" (JIS Q 15001),

3. We properly acquire personal information in consideration of business contents and scales, clarify the purpose of use and whether we can provide or not beforehand, use it appropriately as far as the purpose with an agreement of those who involved, and take measures for not using information outside of the purposes.

4. When we entrust you with all or a part of the handling of the personal information that acquired by the measures of the foregoing paragraph and when we offer personal information to the third party, we choose the person who meet enough protection standards and take appropriate measures based on contracts.

5. We take rational safety measures and corrective actions against the risk of unauthorized access to a personal information, loss, destruction, damage, falsification, and leakage of a personal information.

6. We cope with complaints and inquiries about the protection of personal information at the following service desks.

7. We cope with requests such as disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of personal information of the person concerned without delay.

8. We review and improve the Management System for the Personal Information Protection continuously for the appropriate use and protection of the personal information in correspondence with changes of social or economic situation.
We protect personal information under the policies mentioned above.

Desk for Inquiry, Grievance or Consultation about Personal Information Protection [Manager of the Personal Information Protection]
Seattle Consulting Myanmar Security Department
122/124 1F, 4th Quarter, Botahtaung Pagoda Road, Botahtaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Phone: (+95) 9 971031396, (+95) 9 254231781