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Football Tracking

Football Tracking is a mechanism to convert the data file from the video of a football match.

Tagging correctly the location, style of play of every single player during the match. The tracking system able to sync and edit the location and jersey number of every player with video file then convert into date file at the beginning of the start time, end time, substitute time and fouled (red card) time.

Football Tracking



The labeling system is to categorize and label the Objects, based on the images of players, referee, reserve, ball, etc. Then converted to the Data file. We’ve supported the Labeling service for Rugby, Basketball, Football, and Wheelchair Rugby event.

Table Tennis

Tagging both player’s actions at the same time for point system. The tagging process included any shots of an individual player, the area of the ball hitting on the table. Then adding the score to the player who got a point.

Table Tennis

Football Tagging

Tagging  ( Basketball and Football)

Football Tagging system is to tag the details facts of the game strategy during the game. It can tag whether the player ground pass or heading pass to each other or not, current the ball hitting the area, whether the ball crosses the goal line or not.


The basketball Tagging system is to tag the details facts of the game strategy and score during the game. It can tag which team got a shot, how they did the shoot and how much they got a score, whether the ball crossing the goal line or not, did the defense team got the ball or offense team got the ball.


Album Template


Adding photos into Album Template. We have a lot of ready-made album templates and can add up to 50 photos.